How to Create a Digital Menu Board That Gets Customers’ Attention

A digital menu board is a great addition to any restaurant, QSR, or cafeteria. However, it’s not enough to simply install the technology and hope for the best. If you want to see an ROI on your investment, you need to put some thought into the design of your digital menu board. Find out

A good digital menu board design is organized and easy for customers to navigate. The layout should clearly separate each item from its category and give them a visual hierarchy. A good layout will also utilize font sizes, colors and spacing strategically to make important information stand out. It is important to keep in mind that digital menu boards can be seen at a distance, so you may want to consider using sans-serif fonts to ensure that your content can be read at a glance.

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Adding movement to your digital menu boards is another way to increase their effectiveness. This can be done through moving images or videos. Humans are naturally attracted to motion, so this is an excellent way to get your audience’s attention. It is also an effective way to promote any specials or deals that you have on offer.

Knowing your audience is another essential element of a great digital menu board. This is why it’s so important to take the time to segment your audiences. By understanding what each group wants to eat, you can be more targeted with your messages. This was one of the key insights that Mamuska! found from their research and helped them to achieve a very high ROI.