Coron Palawan Scuba Diving


Coron originally made a name for itself in the scuba diving world as a wreck dive destination but there’s so much more to this sleepy little area of Palawan than its history of military conflict. The region is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and the ‘land-that-time-forgot’ vibes that permeate the landscape both above and below the water. Dramatic limestone cliffs encircle magical aquamarine lagoons and are draped in tropical green foliage.

Which is better for diving El Nido or Coron?

Coron scuba diving is excellent year round, but the best time to visit is during the dry season between December and March when there is minimal rainfall and calm seas. The coron palawan dive shop conditions are also at their best, with the visibility often reaching 15 meters or more, making it easier for beginner and experienced divers to explore the sunken shipwrecks.

There are a number of fantastic wreck dive sites around Coron including the Teru Kaze Maru, Skeleton Wreck and Tangat Island. At the former you can explore the skeletal remains of the Japanese warship at a depth that starts at 5 meters so it’s suitable for beginners and snorkelers too. The site is home to a rich marine biodiversity of corals and anemones while schools of lunar fusilier and yellowtail snapper dart around the ship’s hull.

The Okikawa Maru is another impressive wreck in the area and is suitable for more advanced divers who want to explore its passageways and corridors. This site is also home to a wide variety of marine life including hard and soft corals and anemones.