Wet Pour Rubber Suppliers UK

wet pour rubber suppliers uk

Wet pour rubber suppliers uk for playgrounds is a highly durable and water permeable surface that can be installed over an existing tarmac or concrete. It is a popular choice for public and school playgrounds due to its impact-absorbing properties, as well as the fact that it can be coloured in a wide range of bright colours that will help to stimulate children and promote learning.

Wet Pour is made up of two layers, the base layer is SBR recycled tyre rubber granules that are bound together with a polyurethane binder and then the top ‘wearing course’ is colored EPDM rubber crumb granules that are also bound with a polyurethane binder. The layers are mixed on site and then laid to a specified depth, the thickness of which is dictated by the critical fall height (CFH) required for a specific area.

Choosing the Right Wet Pour Rubber Supplier in the UK: Key Considerations

Compared to other play surfaces, wet pour is very safe and can be installed around all types of play equipment. It is easy to maintain, durable, and offers a good level of cushioned support for children.

The material is quick and easy to install, and you can have a new safety surface in less time than you might think. Wet pour is ideal for all kinds of areas, such as playgrounds and golf courses, as it can be poured on a free-draining base and is suitable in all weather conditions.

Wet pour is long-lasting and requires little maintenance, but if punctured or damaged it can be repaired using a wet pour repair kit. Similarly, if the surface becomes fades with the use or over time, rejuvenation products can be used to restore its colour and improve slip resistance.